Would YOU like to be a Patron?

Gravesham Choral Society needs its patrons and would be delighted to see your name among those listed. Patrons are a vital part of the Society’s financial structure which needs to produce ever increasing sums so that the high standards of performance can be maintained.

In return for £45 per year, a patron receives:-

  • A ticket for every concert (except the 'Instant')
  • An annual programme of events
  • Name included in the list of Patrons in every concert programme.

So, if you regularly attend GCS concerts becoming a Patron could save you money. In any case you will be helping keep quality Choral music alive in Gravesham.

If you wish to become a Patron, or would like further information, Please contact:-
Mrs Maureen Dorrell, 9 Green Way, Hartley, Kent, DA3 8BJ. Telephone: 01474 702 210