None of Gravesham Choral Society's many activities would be able to happen without the team of people that so freely give of their time to ensure that everything runs smoothly:-

Colin Osborne – Chairman
Colin is the ‘public’ figure of the Society. He chairs the meetings, makes speeches to our audiences, smooths our path with Chantry School and is the person to go to with any queries/problems to do with the Society.

Doreen Grierson – Vice Chairman
Doreen supports Colin in all aspects and is his deputy when he is not available. Is the Society’s representative at Gravesham Arts Council.

Sheila Buchanan – Secretary
Sheila takes the minutes of meetings, books venues and attends meetings on behalf of the Society. Sends out literature to other choral societies and other interested parties to encourage audience numbers. Tries to keep the ‘What’s On’ board up-to-date and generally does what is not covered by other roles. MAKING MUSIC, the National Federation of Music Societies, representative. Contributes to ‘anti-clash’ diary with other societies.
Contact details
Victoria Cottage, Wrotham Road, Meopham, DA13 0AN
Tel: 01474 812 726

Chris Chare – Treasurer
Deals with all the finances of the Society. Collects subscriptions. Pays orchestra, soloists and venue fees. Invests our money in the best way he can and produces a budget each year for the committee. Compiles and sends off Gift Aid Claim. Prepares Charities Commissioners Annual Return.

Alan Vincent – Director of Music
Chooses the programme for the year subject to committee (and sometimes the whole choir) approval. Takes our rehearsals with verve and energy, producing top quality performances. Rehearses Orchestra and Choir on rehearsal days prior to performance. Engages soloists.

Jill Beety – Publicity, Posters and programmes, Box Office
Works with graphic artist to produce poster and programmes. Photocopies A3, A4 posters and A5 flyers for distribution by members. Gathers all relevant material for programme (including translations as necessary) and ensures deadlines are met. Box Office for ticket requests which are passed to Ann Phair. Arranges for photocopying of mailing list letters. Ready to deal with any photocopying for the Society upon request. Prepares copies of Christmas Concert sheets.

Alison Harding – Librarian
Takes orders for buying/hiring of music. Purchases/hires same and supplies choir members. This sometimes includes a prolonged ‘hunt’ for the hire copies. Takes orders for CDs of pieces being performed. Also orders and distributes music for ‘Instant’. Orders black music folders for choir members.

Lynne Rumsey – Concert Manager
Organizes the venue and seating for each concert, initially by contact with the key holders. Familiarization with the requirements of each venue so that its seating can be restored at the end of the concert, to its original state. Assists with the seating and music stands for musicians, if orchestra is accompanying the choir. At Rochester Cathedral, works closely with head verger, arranging for the tiered seating stand to be erected. Works out a seating plan for the choir and at rehearsal is responsible for providing refreshments for the orchestra, conductor and soloists. Encourages choir members to assist in these arrangements and also at concerts performed at St. George’s Church.

Pam Kilby – Instant
Advertises and sends application forms/e-mails to choral societies and mailing list re the ‘Instant’; takes in application forms and sends out tickets. On the day of the Instant, takes ticket money. Assists with ticket sales and provides the treasurer with details of ticket sales and cash/cheques receipts. Sells tickets on the day of concert (assisted by Michael Charles in the evening).

Ann Phair – Ticket sales, Mailing List, Committee/Non-Committee Member’s responsibility info
Arranges the printing and sales of concert tickets. Provides Pam Kilby with ‘Instant’ tickets and Maureen Dorrell with Patrons tickets. Responsible for Mailing List and up-dating it as and when necessary. Preparing the Mailing List letter and sending/e-mailing it to members and issuing ticket requests. Produces job responsibility list of Committee and Non-Committee members. Assists Anne Streatfeild with regard to publicity (media) as and when required. Responsible for ordering and supplying choir members with red scarves and bow ties. Involved in fund raising for GCS.

Heather Pickering
Organises the ‘Silver Song Club’ and encourages choir members to come along and join in. Oversees refreshments for the ‘Instant’.

Other Members' Duties (Non-committee)

John Harding – Membership Secretary
Welcomes new members. Encourages all tax-paying members to enrol with ‘Gift Aid’ (bringing considerable funds to the Society). Issues membership lists to Section Leaders for attendance and inclusion in programme. Produces the annual membership card. Sends e-mail to Society members outlining details of ‘announcements’ given out at rehearsals.

Maureen Dorrell – Patrons
Keeps in contact with patrons with information re concerts and takes their subscriptions.

Gwyneth Charles
Orders and looks after flowers for all soloists and buttonhole for Alan. Looks after ‘front of house’ for concerts with her band of helpers.

Elizabeth Hutchinson
Assists Pam Kilby with the ‘Instant’. Liaises with Methodist church re keys, tea urn etc.

Val Galliers
Organises the ‘bonus ball’ which brings in valuable funds for the Society.

Anne Streatfeild
Responsible for Publicity via media, meeting all the different ‘deadlines’ and following up ‘leads’. Liaises with Ann Phair in connection with this.

Sandra Winter Assists Ann Phair with selling tickets at choir rehearsal.

Jenny Paddy – Advertising
Spends considerable time getting advertising for the concert programmes.

Mary Greengo
Responsible for distribution of publicity materials in Rochester and Gravesend.

Keeps register of attendance. Contacts any member who misses 3 rehearsals in a row if reason not known. Keeps the Chairman informed of any retirees, illness etc in their Section. Early attendance at rehearsal, to assist Librarian, when new music is being handed out. In the event of rehearsal cancellation, advises all in their section.
Sop 1 Molly Cooke
Sop 2 Eve Moyle
Alto 1 Valerie Pressley
Alto 2 Liz Hutchinson
Tenor Paul Harrison
Bass David Saunders